Highway Guard Rails
Commercial fencing

Commercial Fencing

Highway Guard Rails

Photo of a highway guard rail.

Hohulin Fence even keeps the highways and byways safe with our guard rail products. These highly effective highway safety products are galvanized continuously in the manufacturing process that provides high quality, consistent thickness; zinc coated steel sheets that can be formed into different types of guardrails or custom profiles. Contact Hohulin today to see if this is the right product for your roadway, whether it is a busy interstate or a quiet country thoroughfare.

Hohulin Fence’s Commercial Products

Since 1897, Hohulin has provided businesses across the Midwest with top-of-the-line commercial fencing, gate, and railing products. Our other commercial fencing products include:


Hohulin Fence’s Residential Products

We recognize that the decision to install residential fencing is an investment in the privacy, security, and beautification of your home. We have provided the most dependable residential fencing and gates since 1897, including:

Talk with our team of fully trained residential and commercial fence contractors today. Contact us online or call us at 309-965-2241.

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