Be A Pal: Proper Fence Etiquette Between Neighbors
Be A Pal: Proper Fence Etiquette Between Neighbors


  • Be A Pal: Proper Fence Etiquette Between Neighbors


    So, you want to install a fence. A new fence can be the perfect addition to your property, adding that extra bit of security, privacy, and curb appeal you've been looking for. However, before you get on the phone and call Hohulin Fence, you might want to call your neighbor first. But why would you do that? Well, if you share a property line, you won't be the only one...

  • The History of Chain-Link Fencing and Hohulin Fence


    From simple wood fences to stone and brick walls, fencing has played an essential role for property owners since the beginning of recorded history. As society has progressed, fencing has evolved, now offering beautiful designs, incredible privacy, and the utmost protection and security for businesses and homeowners alike. However, there's one unique fence type that wasn't always around: chain-link fencing! This specialized fencing was only introduced in the last century,...

  • What Fence Material Works Best for Your Climate?


    What Fence Material Works Best for Your Climate? The seasonal temperature changes we experience in Central Illinois can make it hard to figure out what fence material works best for your climate. Summer heat and ultra-violet sun rays can warp and wear out some residential fencing prematurely. Meanwhile, cold winter temperatures cause cracks, loosen fence posts, and expose fencing to heavy snow that can bring down fences. Plus, wet and...

  • Planning for Your First Fence


    Helpful Tips When Planning for Your First Fence Purchase Hohulin Fence wants to provide beginners with a few things to consider when you are planning for your first fence purchase. Many first-time fence buyers skip right ahead to the shopping phase. However, you should answer a few important questions before selecting and buying your first fence. You can eliminate a lot of hassle and potential delays by knowing answers to...

  • 7 Tips for Fence Care: How You Can Preserve Your Fence


    When was the last time you took a pressure washer to your fence? Or when was your wood fence stained last? As with home and yard upkeep, you must also regularly clean and maintain your backyard or front yard fences. And for tips on how to best maintain your fence, look no further than the fencing experts at Hohulin Fence. With a bit of knowledge and motivation, you can keep...

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