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  • Local Fence Contractors


    Fence Contractors in Bloomington IL You Can Rely On Hohulin Fence, operating throughout Central Illinois, employs only the best contractors to install top-notch fencing products. Trust is a big thing when you’re considering installers to put in a fence on your property. Rest assured, our contractors are highly trained, staying abreast of the latest trends in installation and product quality. Whether for commercial use or residential use, choose our fence...

  • Offering Fences in Champaign, IL


    We are Your Chosen Fence Company in Champaign IL   For a fence company in Champaign IL that’s both local and dependable, make the right choice and hire Hohulin Fence. We are respected manufacturers of chain link fences for commercial use and residential use. Established by brothers Sam, Tim and John Hohulin, sons of Gottlieb Hohulin, we were the first in the country to commercially manufacture chain link fence fabric....

  • Commercial & Residential Chain Link Fences


    Come to us for a Quality Chain Link Fence in Springfield IL Hohulin Fence has served all of Illinois for more than 120 years with superior craftsmanship and quality fencing products. One of our specialties is the chain link fence. This type of fence is very common, thanks to its affordability, versatility and durability. When you need a quality chain link fence in Springfield IL, choose the best in the...

  • 3 Surprising Benefits of Fencing


      When most people think of a fence, they usually think of something that just sits in a yard, not doing much of anything. Luckily, fences are silently adding unique benefits to your home and for your family. When a fence is done right, it can be one of the best investments a homeowner can make. From creating a more comfortable living space to better curb appeal, a fence offer...

  • Boost Your Yard’s Appeal with These Unique Fencing Ideas


    When homeowners think of a fence, most imagine a designated border around the perimeter of a property. Depending on the purpose of a fence–like safe containment of kids or pets–one may indeed require a secure border. However, this is far from the only way to use fencing. Decorative fences are utilized for many unexpected purposes. From pure aesthetics to practical solutions, here are some unique ideas for fencing Bloomington IL...

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