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Equip Your Sports Fields with Exceptional Athletic Fencing

To ensure the safety of your athletes and spectators, your athletic fields require specialized protection and security. Thankfully, Hohulin Fence offers high-quality outfield fencing and athletic fencing solutions, which enhance player safety and add excitement to any game. From outfield fence panels to chain link fence caps and from windscreen material to low-cost rolled barrier fencing, we have the right athletic fencing products to meet your needs. Count on Hohulin Fence for the best athletic fencing available throughout Central Illinois.

Why Do You Need Athletic Fencing?

Whether you’re a school providing sports fields for students or a recreational center expanding your athletic field boundaries, athletic fencing is an absolute must! Not only do athletic fences protect spectators and players, but they also help manage your sports games and facilities. Some of athletic fencing’s benefits include:

  • Player Safety: First and foremost, athletic fences help protect athletes by preventing balls from straying into crowded areas or traffic, reducing the chance of injuries.
  • Spectator Protection: These fences also protect spectators, keeping the play contained and ensuring flying balls don’t cause any harm.
  • Boundary Definition: Fences clearly define the playing area, helping players understand their spatial limits and fostering fair play.
  • Enhanced Focus: With a defined boundary, athletes can concentrate better on their game without worrying about losing balls or potential injuries.
  • Reduced Equipment Loss: Athletic fences cut down on lost or damaged equipment, saving costs in the long run.
  • Crowd Management: Fences assist in managing crowds, providing a clear separation between spectators and the playing field.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: With the right design, athletic fences can add an aesthetic appeal to the sports facility, promoting a sense of pride and ownership.

Find Fencing to Fit Your Needs

Athletic fencing is only one of many fencing products Hohulin Fence supplies and installs. With over 115 years in the fencing industry, we’ve become the go-to fence contractors for various commercial and residential projects. Moreover, with our athletic fencing, we can provide customized and appropriately sized fences for all sports fields. For example, we’ve helped install new athletic fencing for:

  • Baseball/Softball Fields: Baseball fields often have fences to mark the outfield boundary and protect the audience and nearby property from stray balls.
  • Soccer Fields: While not always fenced, many soccer fields have fencing to prevent the ball from going out of bounds and to protect spectators.
  • Tennis Courts: Tennis courts use mesh fences to contain the fast-moving balls within the court area.
  • Basketball Courts: Outdoor basketball courts often have fencing to prevent the ball from straying too far and to provide a boundary for the playing area.
  • Football Fields: Athletic fences are used in football to protect spectators and define the boundary of the pitch.
  • Golf Courses: Golf courses employ fencing around driving ranges and near roads or houses to keep errant balls within the course boundaries.
  • Athletics Tracks: Athletic fences are used in athletics stadiums to segregate different track and field event areas and ensure spectator safety.
Athletic Fencing outside of a soccer field in Central Illinois

Expertly Installed Fencing Thanks to Hohulin

Ensuring players and spectators alike can enjoy sporting events with their safety and security taken care of is essential to the success of your school, entertainment center, or sports facility. Be sure to invest in proper protection with high-quality athletic fencing installed by Hohulin Fence. To learn more about our commercial or residential fencing products or if interested in a quote, call 309-965-2241. Hohulin Fence’s office is located at 116 S Harrison St, Goodfield, IL 61742.

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