Commercial Ornamental Fencing
Commercial Ornamental Fencing

Discover the Beauty of Commercial Ornamental Fencing

Are you looking to spruce up your business’s exterior? Why not consider commercial ornamental fencing? Not only does metal fencing provide your facility with safety and security that’s sorely needed, but it can also help increase your property’s value, aesthetics and curb appeal. And when installed by Hohulin Fence, Central Illinois’ leading fence contractors, you know you’re always getting a high-quality, long-lasting product. Give your property that extra bit of flare with the addition of exceptional commercial ornamental fencing, thanks to Hohulin!

Is Metal Fencing Right for Your Business?

You can’t go wrong with an ornamental fence for your business, whether for enhanced security or appearance. Metal ornamental fencing is the perfect fence product for property owners looking to stand out. Not to mention, the added benefits of metal fencing around your property are nothing to scoff at! Some of those benefits include:

  • Enhanced Security: Metal fences are tough to break through, providing extra protection for your business premises.
  • Increased Property Value: Ornamental fences add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your property, potentially increasing its market value.
  • Improved Aesthetics: With various styles and finishes available, metal fences can enhance your premises’ overall look and feel.
  • Durability: Metal fences are known for their longevity and resistance to weather conditions, ensuring a long-lasting solution for your fencing needs.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike wooden fences, metal fences don’t require frequent painting or staining. A periodic wash is all they need to maintain their look.
  • Established Boundaries: Fences mark the boundaries of your property, helping avoid disputes with neighbors or trespassers.

What Types of Ornamental Fencing Do We Offer?

At Hohulin Fence, we know that your fencing needs to match the sophistication of your business. Hohulin offers a number of ornamental fencing options for businesses across Central Illinois. Our top priority is to find you the ornamental fencing with the right aesthetic to suit your commercial space and budget. For over 125 years, we have been helping businesses across the Midwest do just that. Learn more about the following ornamental fencing options from Ameristar Perimeter Security we offer our valued customers:

Commercial Ornamental Fencing
Aluminum Fencing

We provide a wide selection of ornamental fencing options in aluminum. Here are some details to consider in regards to aluminum fencing:

  • Our aluminum options are powdered coated and typically have lifetime warranties against corrosion and coating failure.
  • We offer ornamental aluminum fencing and gates in several configurations, heights and colors.
  • Post, gate, and picket sizes may vary according to their application.
  • Gates are available in swing and slide options.
Commercial Ornamental Fencing
Steel Fencing

Hohulin also provides our Central Illinois customers with ornamental fencing in steel. Here are some details to consider in regards to steel ornamental fencing:

  • All ornamental steel fencing and gates are powder-coated over a galvanized steel substrate.
  • Warranties are typically for 15 years against corrosion and failure of the coating.
  • Our ornamental steel fences are available in many different heights and configurations.
  • We can customize post size, picket size and spacing, gates, and ornamental tops according to the customer’s tastes.
  • Both swing and slide gates are available to match the fence design.
  • Fence sections are typically 8 feet long.
  • Posts are set in concrete.
  • Fence panel attachments include security fasteners that cannot be removed.
  • Our typical colors are black and bronze; however, other colors are available upon request.
  • Click here for ornamental steel style and color options.

Freshen Up Your Business’s Exterior

There’s nothing like beautiful, elegant, commercial ornamental fencing for your business. To ensure your unique metal fencing is installed by Central Illinois professionals, trust the fencing contractors at Hohulin Fence. If interested in our commercial fencing products/services, or you wish to see what we offer for residential, call 309-965-2241. We are located at 116 S Harrison St, Goodfield, IL 61742.

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