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A modern roadway with new highway guardrails in Central Illinois, installed by Hohulin Fence

Protect Vehicles and Pedestrians with Durable Highway Guardrails

Roadway safety is essential for every busy intersection, highway, backroad or city street. As such, to ensure your streets and roadways are as safe as possible for vehicles and pedestrians, installing guardrails is necessary. Thankfully, when it comes to exceptional highway guardrail products and quick and reliable installation services, property owners, businesses, and city municipalities trust Hohulin Fence. Our team has helped equip roadways across Central Illinois with essential components to guarantee increased roadway safety. Call Hohulin today to learn more!

Why Are Guardrails Necessary?

As good as a driver you might be yourself, it’s not your driving you have to worry about! Reckless driving and speeding are hazardous for everyone on the road and can’t always be prevented. As such, the best way to control traffic flow and protect drivers and pedestrians is through highway guardrails. Thanks to highway guardrails, you can expect:

  • Prevent Vehicle Rollovers: Highway guardrails are designed to prevent vehicles from flipping over, a common and deadly incident in serious accidents.
  • Redirect Vehicles: Guardrails protect drivers and passengers by redirecting errant vehicles from potential hazards like steep embankments, bodies of water, or oncoming traffic.
  • Control Traffic: They act as a visual and physical guide for drivers, helping to control traffic flow and maintain lane discipline.
  • Protect Pedestrians and Cyclists: Especially in urban areas, guardrails play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of pedestrians and cyclists from straying vehicles.
  • Minimize Property Damage: By preventing vehicles from veering off the road, guardrails also minimize the potential damage to nearby properties.
  • Save Lives: Overall, the most significant benefit of highway guardrails is their ability to save lives by reducing the severity of accidents.

What Are Your Highway Guardrail Options?

All of Hohulin Fence’s guardrail products are quality-approved and tested, promising exceptional strength against impact and resistance to the elements. Each product we install is constructed from steel galvanized continuously in the manufacturing process, providing high-quality and consistent thickness. We then form zinc-coated steel sheets to fit different styles and guardrail profiles. Our guardrail options include:

Highway Guardrails, installed and maintained by Hohulin Fence
W-Beam Panels

W-Beam Panels are our most popular guardrail product, known for their durability and effectiveness in road safety. Constructed from galvanized steel, these panels are designed with a unique ‘W’ shape that increases their strength and allows them to absorb high levels of impact. This makes them an excellent choice for highways and major roads where high-speed collisions may occur.

Curved Highway Guardrails along the side of a bend in the road
Curved Guardrails

Curved Guardrails are designed to align with the road’s natural curvature, providing added safety along bends and turns. Designed and manufactured similarly to w-beam panels, these guardrails are engineered to absorb impact effectively alongside less conventional roadways with curves and bends. Concave rails are curved towards the vehicle, while convex rails curve away from vehicles.

Highway Guardrails with end treatments, used to protect drivers
Guardrail End Treatments

Guardrail End Treatments are important safety features that prevent vehicles from impacting the sharp edges of a guardrail. They are designed to absorb impact forces and safely redirect vehicles away from hazardous areas, minimizing potential damage. Our available end treatment options include anchorages, terminals and crash cushions.

Trust Hohulin for Expert Highway Guardrail Installation

Ensure busy streets are equipped with effective roadway safety features, such as high-quality highway guardrails installed by Hohulin Fence. To learn more about our additional commercial or residential fencing products, contact us today at 309-965-2241. We are located at 116 S Harrison St, Goodfield, IL 61742.

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