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Residential Kennels

Your pets are important. They are a part of your family. That means they deserve a good home. At Hohulin, we understand that you want to be able to give your lovable friends space to roam around, but simultaneously keep them out of mischief. That means having quality kennels for your pets. At Hohulin, we want to be a part of caring for your animals. That’s why we offer top-of-the-line kennels for pets of all sizes. So whether you need a short-term or a long-term enclosure, Hohulin offers excellent kennel options for your needs.

With over a century in the fencing industry, Hohulin knows how important it is to have well built enclosure for your animals. That is why we use excellent materials to ensure a safe and secure environment, with numerous style options for animals of all sizes. For decades, Hohulin has designed and installed countless kennels—both large and small—for our Central Illinois customers. See what our professionals can do for your pets today!

Special Features

We believe that kennels should promote the health and safety of every animal. That is why we offer high quality kennels with the following features for our Central Illinois customers:

  • Welded frames, which prevent injuries by eliminating sharp edges.
  • Galvanized steel frame, special hinges, and secure latches to ensure stability.
  • Custom styles and sizes available for various applications and species.
  • Comply with all safety requirements and codes for animal ordinances and/or laws.

Got a Question About Kennels?

If you are looking to buy a kennel for your pet, contact us online or call us at 309-965-2241 to talk to one of our fully trained professionals at Hohulin Fence.

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