Temporary Fencing Peoria IL
Temporary Fencing Peoria IL

The Importance of Temporary Fencing in Peoria IL

Protect your construction site or maintain crowd control at your special event at an affordable price with temporary fencing in Peoria IL. Hohulin Fence has served as a leading provider of fencing in Illinois for more than 120 years. Call us today at 309-965-2241 for a free estimate.

Our rental panels allow your construction company the ability to keep people out of certain areas. These days, construction sites offer thieves an opportunity to steal valuable equipment or building materials. However, our construction fencing will act as an obstacle for those thieves and trespassers. Since your project may only last a few days or weeks, you can save money and time in adding security to your construction site with our temporary fencing in Peoria IL.

In addition, our rental panels help event organizers funnel crowds into or out of designated spaces. So, you can create temporary barriers to keep people away from headline acts or celebrities. Plus, you can create public or private areas, spaces for VIPs, or liquor sales areas by using our temporary fencing in Peoria IL. Contact us now for a no-obligation quote.

Reasons Your Construction Site Needs Temporary Fencing

In addition to increased security, your construction company can better manage job sites with the help of our temporary fencing in Peoria IL. Here are some important advantages you receive by using our construction fencing:

    • You Stay Compliant with Job Safety Protocols

When you use temporary fencing in Peoria IL, you can protect the safety of your workforce and other performing work at your job site. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) includes temporary fencing recommendations in their standards for construction site safety. Therefore, you should use our rental panels to keep workers safe and limit your liability.

    • A Visible Barrier Creates Easier Access and Departure from the Site.

Temporary fencing provides your construction site with the visible barrier it needs for quicker entry and exit from work being done. Plus, you protect drivers and pedestrians from entering the site by mistake and getting hurt. Also, the construction fencing helps prevent traffic jams by motorists confused about the boundaries of the construction area.

    • You Can Better Manage Construction Waste and Materials.

With the use of temporary fencing in Peoria IL, you can prevent trash, packaging, industrial wrapping, and construction debris from escaping your site. These materials could collect or pile up on nearby streets, creating a health risk. Also, those waste materials could also fly into the air, causing distractions for nearby drivers or injury to pedestrians. Thus, our temporary fencing could help you avoid shutdowns or fines for not mismanagement of your site.

How Temporary Fencing Benefits Special Events

Farmers markets, fundraisers, and community sports events need crowd management at a cheap price. As a result, they should consider the economical solution provided by Hohulin Fence’s temporary fencing in Peoria IL. Our rental panels allow you to direct foot traffic as needed in an easy, fast, and affordable way. Plus, you do not need to build anything permanent or take a long time to put the barriers in place. In addition, our rental panels provide the following benefits:

  • Easy Use – Setting up temporary fencing is a simple process.
  • Customization – You can arrange the rental panels as needed to fit the unique boundaries of your event.
  • Affordable – You save big on rental panels when compared to building permanent fencing or barriers.

Get a Free Estimate on Temporary Fencing in Peoria IL

Hohulin Fence has served as the trusted local source for fencing throughout Central Illinois since 1897. Call us today at 309-965-2241 for a free estimate on your fencing needs. In addition to temporary fencing, we offer both residential and commercial fencing products to suit your taste and budget.

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