Commercial Railing
Commercial Railing
A modern staircase with new commercial railings installed by Hohulin Fence

Equip Your Property with Safe and Aesthetically Pleasing Commercial Railings

Commercial railings play a crucial role in the safety and decoration of any business or facility. Commercial railing doesn’t simply protect your clients and employees from various hazards; it sends a message about how you want your Central Illinois business to be seen. Ensure you send the right message with Hohulin’s top-of-the-line commercial railing products. We carry an incredible selection of aluminum and vinyl railings that will match the sophistication, elegance and charm you have been searching for. See what Hohulin Fence can do for your business today!

Why Does Your Business Need Commercial Railings?

As mentioned, Hohulin Fence’s commercial railings aren’t only for function but also for aesthetics! Commercial railings are an easy (and necessary) addition for any property, but something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. After all, there are plenty of benefits to consider when selecting your new aluminum or vinyl railings. Such benefits include:

  • Safety: The primary purpose of commercial railings is to provide safety. They prevent accidents by providing a secure boundary in elevated areas and staircases.
  • Accessibility: Railings offer support and stability for individuals who may require assistance, such as older adults or those with physical disabilities.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Available in various designs and materials, our railings can enhance the overall look of your commercial space.
  • Durability: Our commercial railings are crafted using durable materials such as aluminum and vinyl. Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and everyday wear and tear, they offer long-lasting performance for indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Value Addition: Well-installed, attractive railings can increase the value of your property by improving its appearance and safety features.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Installing commercial railings helps ensure your business adheres to local building codes and regulations, avoiding potential fines and penalties.

What are Hohulin’s Commercial Railing Options?

For over a century, Hohulin has provided commercial railing and fencing products to businesses throughout Central Illinois. Midwesterners trust the Hohulin name for the highest quality railing products and installation. Our railings options come in vinyl or aluminum and are produced by popular manufacturer Digger Specialties:

Commercial Railings around a deck in Central Illinois
Westbury Aluminum Ornamental

With Digger’s state-of-the-art powder coating facility, they offer AAMA 2604 powder coatings in various satin, fine textured, and multi-colored finishes. Aluminum railing is an economical and maintenance-free solution to add sophistication and elegance to your indoor and outdoor commercial spaces. Digger offers a lifetime transferable warranty and is made in the USA. Click here for Westbury styles and colors.

Commercial Railings around a balcony, installed by Hohulin Fence
Polyrail Vinyl

Does aluminum ornamental railing not match the style of your Central Illinois business? Vinyl may be the solution for you! Digger’s Polyrail Vinyl railing combines beauty and long-lasting durability and is available in various styles that range from traditional to contemporary. Digger offers a lifetime transferable warranty and is made in the USA. Click here for Digger railing styles and colors.

Your Trusted Installers for Commercial Railings

If you want a long-term, commercial railing solution for your business or facility, Hohulin Fence provides fast and reliable installation of the best vinyl and aluminum railing products. To learn more about our additional commercial fencing products and services, or if needing residential fencing, call 309-965-2241. We are located at 116 S Harrison St, Goodfield, IL 61742.

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