Aluminum Fencing Peoria IL
Aluminum Fencing Peoria IL

Affordable Residential Aluminum Fencing in Peoria IL

Hohulin Fence sells and installs some of the most popular and budget-friendly residential aluminum fencing in Peoria IL. Find out why Central Illinois customers have trusted us for their fencing since 1897 by calling 309-965-2241.

Homeowners and builders trust Hohulin Fence because they know we have provided quality products and services for over 120 years. Plus, we know the decision to install residential fencing serves as an investment toward improved privacy, security, and aesthetics for your home. Consequently, we offer a variety of popular products, including aluminum fencing in Peoria IL. In fact, we provide the following options:

  • Galvanized Chain Link Fencing – Homeowners love this product because it is maintenance free and durable. The fence receives protection from rust with a zinc coating.
  • Aluminized Chain Link Fencing – You receive a fence with the strength of steel and the smooth finish of aluminum with this option.
  • Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fencing – This type of fence often lasts longer because after it is galvanized it receives a vinyl coating. Plus, you can match the color of the vinyl coat to go along with the aesthetics of your property.

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Specialty Aluminum Fencing in Peoria IL

Hohulin Fence also provides both residential and commercial clients with options in specialty aluminum fencing in Peoria IL. Our residential options include:

  • Courtyard Ornamental Aluminum Fencing by Digger Specialties – Digger Specialties products offer AAMA 2604 powder coatings in a choice of satin, fine textured, and multi-colored finishes. Plus, these products are made in the United States. Also, Digger offers a lifetime warranty!
  • Ameristar Steel Fencing – Ameristar serves as the industry leader for residential steel fencing. We offer Ameristar’s Residential Montage. The product has an e-coat. Plus, it contains a finish that requires no maintenance. Furthermore, you receive a 20-year warranty. Also, these products are made in the United States.

We also provide commercial specialty aluminum fencing in Peoria IL. Therefore, please contact us to consult with our experts about the following products:

  • Ornamental Aluminum Fencing – All aluminum options are powder coated, and typically come with lifetime warranties against corrosion and coating failure. Plus, we provide ornamental aluminum fencing and gates in several configurations, heights, and colors. However, post, gate, and picket sizes can vary according to their use. Also, gates we offer provide swing and slide options.
  • Ornamental Steel Fencing – The products we sell come powder coated over a galvanized steel substrate. Plus, we can customize post size, picket size and spacing, gates, and ornamental tops to fit your taste. Typically, these products carry 15-year warranties against corrosion and coating failure. Also, black and bronze are the most popular colors. However, we can provide other color options on request.
Aluminum Fencing Peoria IL

Commercial Aluminum Fencing

Hohulin Fence can satisfy the needs of a variety of businesses when it comes to commercial aluminum fencing in Peoria IL. Our product lines include:

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Hohulin Fence is your trusted local seller and installer of aluminum fencing. Give us a call today at 309-965-2241 or contact us online for a free estimate. Plus, feel free to research our company and products on our website to learn more about us.

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