Fall’s the Best Time for Your New Fence
Fall’s the Best Time for Your New Fence
Fall’s the Best Time for Your New Fence

Fall’s the Best Time for Your New Fence


As the leaves begin to fall and we slip into some warmer clothing, now is the best time to consider renovations to your home and yard. But why, right before winter, would I want to spruce up my home, you may be thinking. The answer is simple: convenience. Yes, fall is an off-season for most contractors, but it’s also when contractors have the most time available and potentially offer the best deals. And for Hohulin Fence, we believe fall to be one of the best times for installing a new fence. Find out for yourself why so many people prefer working with contractors during the fall, and what advantages it may bring.

More Available Time

During spring and summer, it can be incredibly challenging to schedule the best time for a contractor to come out to your house. Between your busy schedule and their heavy workload, it can be near impossible to find times that work best for both of you. However, if you’re willing to wait throughout these seasons until fall, you’re more likely to have an easier time. For most contractors (including Hohulin), fall and winter are the slow seasons for work. Thus, if you need a fence installed during this time, we’re more flexible to your schedule.

Easier Installation

While we have the skill and ability to install a fence at any time of the year, autumn might be the most convenient time to get you started with new fencing. Due to plants, bushes, grass and other landscaping going dormant, it’s much easier to set up a fence around your yard. Additionally, if there was ever a time to relandscape, fall is the best time for it. It’s not too cold to not be working outside, but the weather has cooled up enough to make moving flowers and shrubbery around an easier task.

A cedar wood fence in autumnBetter for Wood Fencing

If you’re considering a wood fence for your yard, we would highly suggest installing it during fall or early winter. This is due to wood building up more resistances when exposed to cold and moisture. During the summer, the exposure of your wood fence to direct sunlight and high temperatures can make it difficult for your fencing to adjust to the outdoors, sometimes warping the wood. Conversely, the colder months give wood fencing a chance to build up a protective layer for itself. So, when spring and summer roll around next year, your wood fence will be ready.

Potential Deals and Offers

As contractors may be trying to “clear out” materials before the end of the year, the potential for better deals and offers abound in the fall season. Moreover, better deals are likely to be found due to contractors trying to stay busy in a traditionally slow season. However, with Hohulin, we do our best to offer the best deals all year round. You can be confident in our skill and experience, and rest easy knowing we have plenty of financing options for your new fence.

A Spring Surprise

While all your neighbors will be calling contractors for new installation or repair right at the beginning of spring, you can relax and admire your new fence! Many households choose to do all of their renovations and cleaning right at the beginning of spring, thus tying up contractors’ time. However, with your projects taken care of well in advance, you don’t have to share in the initial rush that is “spring cleaning and maintenance.” Thus, you can enjoy spring as it’s meant to be while lounging in your newly enclosed backyard!

Give Hohulin a Call

If there’s a best time to get a fence installed, there’s also a best fence installer: Hohulin Fence. We are one of the most trusted and reliable fence companies in the Greater Peoria area. For over a century, the Hohulin name has served residents and businesses throughout Central Illinois and the surrounding areas. Also, as a fun bit of history, we were the first company in the area to produce and sell chain link fencing. If you’d like to learn more about Hohulin Fence and how we can assist you this autumn, call us today! You can contact us at 309-965-2241 to schedule a free estimate. Also, we are located at 116 S Harrison St, Goodfield, IL 61742.

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