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A large, metal privacy fence installed by Hohulin Fence in Central Illinois

Increase Your Facility’s Security with Commercial Privacy Fencing

Businesses, schools and other commercial properties look to protect their assets and keep passersby’s prying eyes away. As such, these entities can all benefit from privacy fencing! Whether you want to conceal a dumpster or cooling unit or want more solitude from your surroundings, Hohulin Fence offers custom privacy fencing to accommodate your needs. With over a century in commercial fencing, we know our industry inside and out. Count on Hohulin for exceptional commercial fence products and installation.

Does Your Business Need Privacy Fencing?

Absolutely! Finding a semblance of privacy and security for commercial properties in the heart of Peoria, IL or any city throughout Central Illinois can seem impossible. Thankfully, with Hohulin’s privacy fencing, that no longer is the case! From increasing safety to controlling the flow of people and traffic into your facility, a privacy fence offers many advantages for local businesses. Some of those advantages include:

  • Enhanced Privacy: Commercial privacy fencing ensures your business operations remain confidential and free from nosey onlookers.
  • Increased Security: It acts as a deterrent to potential intruders, thus safeguarding your property and assets.
  • Controlled Access: Fencing can help control the entry and exit points, managing the flow of people and vehicles. Additions like commercial gates and operators make this possible.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Privacy fences are available in various designs and materials that can enhance the visual appeal of your property.
  • Noise Reduction: A privacy fence can help reduce the noise from busy streets, depending on the material and construction.
  • Property Value: A well-installed privacy fence can increase the property’s value and appeal to potential clients or customers.

Select from the Best Privacy Fencing

At Hohulin Fence, we take pride in our longstanding reputation for customer satisfaction and service. We partner with brands like Plygem, Privacy Link and Pexco. We want to be able to offer the best in privacy fencing options to our Central Illinois customers:

PVC (vinyl) Privacy Fencing installed by Hohulin Fence
PVC Fence

This no-maintenance product comes with a Lifetime Warranty against product failure. Privacy fences made from PVC (vinyl) do not rot, peel or warp and are incredibly moisture-resistant. Gates are available to match the style of fence. Several colors and finish styles are available, such as wood grain.

Wood Cedar Privacy Fencing installed by Hohulin Fence
Wood Fence

Wood fencing is available in pressure-treated southern yellow pine pickets, rails, and posts. Our wood privacy fences add traditional aesthetic appeal to your property and can be colored or stained to fit your facility’s style. Typically, there is no warranty available. Swing gates are available with a limited opening size.

Western Red Cedar Privacy Fencing installed by Hohulin Fence
Western Red Cedar Fence

This disease and rot-resistant privacy fencing option has an aromatic odor for the first few months. This wood fence type is exceptionally unique; after about 1-2 years, the fence will naturally turn a beautiful silver-grey color. WRC Fence has no warranty.

Privacy slats installed into chain link to make Privacy Fencing in Central Illinois
Chain Link with PVC Privacy Slats

Chain link fencing is available in many heights and colors. You can order PVC slats pre-inserted by the manufacturer or aftermarket installation. Slats come in 9 different colors, and sliding and swinging gates are available to match.

Fence screens used for Privacy Fencing in Central Illinois
Privacy Screening Fence

This fence product is perfect for concealing dumpsters or storage lots where privacy is desired. Privacy screening fences are lighter-weight, easy to install, and more affordable than other privacy fencing options offered by Hohulin.

Achieve Exceptional Privacy and Security with Hohulin Fence

If you wish to protect your facility, keep it secure, and guarantee increased privacy for your clients and employees, invest in high-quality commercial privacy fencing from Hohulin Fence. To learn more about our commercial fencing products and services, contact us today at 309-965-2241. We are located at 116 S Harrison St, Goodfield, IL 61742.

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