Cedar Fencing Peoria IL
Cedar Fencing Peoria IL

Top Benefits of Western Red Cedar Fencing in Peoria IL

Get a durable and long-lasting solution with cedar fencing in Peoria IL. Call Hohulin Fence today at 309-965-2241 for high-quality residential and commercial fencing.

The construction industry loves using cedar because it is a beautiful, aromatic, strong type of wood. Thus, you should consider using cedar when you want to enhance your outdoor living space, provide a boundary, and create a picturesque backdrop for your home. Hohulin Fence’s western red cedar fencing serves as one of our most popular wood fencing options for the following reasons:

  • Western red cedar fencing remains stable and stays flat for great structural integrity.
  • The natural tannins in the wood repel insects and resist mildew.
  • Due to a beautiful knotty structure, western red cedar fencing contains an ideal look.
  • The boards are textured and graded on both faces for uniform and even performance.
  • Proper installation of western red cedar fencing in Peoria IL can last up to 20 years.

Contact us now to request a free estimate for your fencing project. Our services include, but are not limited to: wood fencing, vinyl fencing, SimTek fencing, ornamental fencing, hot-wired fencing, kennels, athletic fencing, highway guard rails, chain link fencing, privacy fencing, rental panels, commercial gates & operators, and more.

Make an Environmentally Friendly Choice with Cedar Fencing in Peoria IL

Western red cedar is a hardy species of wood. Consequently, it regenerates naturally. Therefore, it does not require replanting after logging gets completed. Furthermore, improved forestry practices today ensure that we will have more western red cedar trees to produce wood for future generations.

Did you know that western red cedar is one of the only materials used completely during harvesting? In fact, each piece of wood becomes lumber, cedar shakes, shingles, pulp, paper, or to produce energy in the mills that create the wood products.

Also, cedar biodegrades and gets absorbed back into the earth naturally. So, you can rest assured you are making a great choice for the environment with cedar fencing in Peoria IL.

Cedar Fencing Peoria IL

Why Choose Hohulin Fence for Your Cedar Fencing in Peoria IL?

You get a company with staying power when you choose Hohulin Fence for your cedar fencing in Peoria IL. In fact, Sam, Tim, and John Hohulin founded Hohulin Brothers Fence Company in 1897. Ever since, Hohulin Fence has gained a reputation as a leading fencing company in Peoria IL and throughout Central Illinois.

As a family-owned business, we strive to offer exceptional products with outstanding service. We think that is the Midwest way. Plus, we know that defines the Hohulin way. Therefore, you can count on Hohulin Fence to provide the highest level of satisfaction and service in the fencing industry. Give us a call today at 309-965-2241 to discuss your fencing project.

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When you need cedar fencing in Peoria IL, you should trust Hohulin Fence for your project. For over a century, our local, family-owned business has gained the reputation as a trusted source for fencing in Central Illinois. Call us today at 309-965-2241 to get a quote for your project. Also, you can contact us online to find answers to your fencing questions. We can quickly respond to customers throughout Central Illinois from our office at 116 South Harrison Street, Goodfield IL 61742.

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