Picking the Fence That’s Right for You
Picking the Fence That’s Right for You
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Picking the Fence That’s Right for You


No home is complete without a professionally installed fence in either your front or backyard. However, how can you tell what fence is right for you? From aluminum to wood to vinyl fencing in Bloomington IL, and everything in between, you want a fence that best fits your style and needs. Maybe you want some more privacy? Or you’re thinking about a fence to keep your dog in the yard? No matter the scenario, there’s a fence that’s perfect for you.

Thinking About Privacy

A concern for many, when purchasing a fence, is if it will create a secluded area in your backyard for you to spend time either by yourself or with your family quietly. And while some fences won’t do the trick (see chain-link fencing), there are plenty of fences designed with privacy in mind. For example, vinyl and wood fencing can be designed to be tall, so to best keep prying eyes from peaking into your yard. These types of fences also do well to dampen noise outside your property.

Thinking About Utility

If you don’t mind chatting up your neighbors but still want to create a safe space around your yard, there are options to suit your preferences. Chain-link fencing works if you are looking to enclose your yard for children or pets, but don’t mind the view of other yards around you. Some wooden or vinyl designs, such as picket fencing, also work well to keep your yard safe.

Ornate metal fencing in Bloomington ILThinking About Style

A fence can accommodate any style you wish for your home to have. Are you considering keeping things simple? Wood or vinyl is a classic. Or, perhaps you’d like something more sophisticated or ornate? If so, metal and aluminum fencing offers some of the most unique designs. And if you’re not particular to any special style or design, chain-link fencing may be right up your alley.

Thinking About Maintenance

Not all fences are “set it and forget it.” Some may require a little more attention and maintenance as time and weather takes its toll. For example, wood fencing (although treated to be incredibly resistant) may eventually begin to deteriorate without the occasional coat of paint. Even metal fencing is at risk for rust over time. However, if you’re considering vinyl fencing in Bloomington IL, you’re choosing one of the most “maintenance-free” options.

 Thinking About Security

If you’re concerned about potential intruders stepping onto your property, fencing is an excellent investment. Most any fencing, from chain-link to iron, is a deterrent for any “would-be” robbers. However, taller vinyl or metal fences are the best for protecting your yard. Any fence that proves challenging to climb over (like many privacy fence options) works best to keep you and your family safe.

Consider Fencing for Your Home

From ornate metal fencing to private vinyl fencing in Bloomington IL, Hohulin Fence Company has exactly what you need. With incredible products and expert installers, we can set you up with a new fence in a fast and efficient manner. To learn more about what we offer clients throughout Central Illinois, call us today at 309-965-2241. Also, we are located at 116 S Harrison St, Goodfield, IL 61742.

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