Wood Fencing Bloomington IL
Wood Fencing Bloomington IL

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Wood Fencing in Bloomington IL?

Homeowners, home builders, and businesses have trusted Hohulin Fence since 1897 for their wood fencing in Bloomington IL. We are the trusted local fencing experts because of our quality products and superior craftsmanship. Call us today at 309-965-2241 for a free estimate on products and installation of your next fence.

When you want to buy wood fencing in Bloomington IL, we give you many great options. In fact, we offer the following types of wood fencing products:

Wood fencing remains a popular choice for both residential and commercial fencing for a variety of reasons. It’s a great choice for those wanting a product that is easily customizable, eco-friendly, and more affordable than other materials. However, it’s okay if you still need more information on other products, too. In fact, we also sell and install aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing, SimTek fencing, ornamental fencing, hot-wired fencing, dog kennels, and gates and operators. Contact us now to get a free quote on the fencing products you want.

Top Benefits of Treated Wood Fencing in Bloomington IL

When you invest in wood fencing in Bloomington IL, you want a product made to last. Treated wood fencing offers you the benefit of a longer useful life. Preservatives get driven deep into the wood fibers through the process of treating the wood. As a result, it stays resistant to termites, fungus, and damage from severe weather. In addition, treated wood fencing provides you all the strength of a product made from pine with the flexibility to paint and stain it easily. Plus, treated wood fencing will not weather as fast as some other fencing materials.

Why Should I Buy Cedar Wood Fencing?

If you are looking for more privacy, you should consider our western red cedar wood fencing in Bloomington IL. It will not leave gaping holes for others to see or hear through. In addition, cedar wood fencing offers these other great benefits:

Wood Fencing Bloomington IL
  • Climate Control – Cedar fencing holds in natural air pockets. Thus, it seals in cooler air in the summer and warmer air in the winter.
  • Say Bye-Bye to Bugs – The natural oils in the wood makes it repel pesky mosquitos, other problem bugs, and mildew.
  • Picturesque Backdrop – The knotty look pleases the eye, whether you choose to get cedar fencing stained or not.
  • Durability – Western red cedar fencing can provide you with a fencing solution that will last for 20 or more years. Since the wood changes its moisture content to fit its atmosphere, it holds up to wet weather better than alternatives.

What Is the Appeal of Copperwood Fencing?

If you have pets or family members with health issues, you should consider our copperwood fencing in Peoria IL. Unlike treated wood, sawdust from copperwood will not cause health problems if it is inhaled or ingested. Plus, copper additives make this type of fencing virtually insoluble to water. Therefore, it remains resistant to rotting and decay from the growth of fungus.

Contact Us for Wood Fencing in Bloomington IL

When you are looking for the best place to buy wood fencing in Bloomington IL, look no further than Hohulin Fence. We put more than 120 years of experience in selling and installing the best fencing products in Central Illinois to work for you. Call our fencing experts today at 309-965-2241 for a free quote. In addition, you can also request a free estimate online. We are the most respected local company in the fencing business because of quality products and superior craftsmanship. That’s the Hohulin Way!

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