Cedar Fencing Decatur IL
Cedar Fencing Decatur IL

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Cedar Fencing in Decatur IL

Hohulin Fence sells and installs premium western red cedar fencing in Decatur IL. Give us a call today at 309-965-2241 for fast, easy, and affordable residential and commercial fencing.

Cedar fencing remains a popular choice of fencing throughout Central Illinois for many great advantages. The look, smell, and durability of the wood deliver big benefits functionally and with aesthetics. Consequently, cedar offers you a high-quality solution when you need privacy and a beautiful backdrop for your property. Our western red cedar fencing is one of our best-selling products for the following benefits:

  • Strength – Cedar fencing delivers a long-lasting solution for up to 20 years or more. It withstands the seasonal weather of Central Illinois better than other materials. The wood adapts to its atmosphere by changing its moisture content to fit the climate.
  • Security – Cedar fencing contains no big holes for others to see through from the outside. Consequently, it provides more privacy than other fencing materials. Plus, you can build a solid, supportive structure with high walls to further obstruct views to your property.
  • More Backyard Enjoyment – Cedar fencing keeps your property cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It holds in natural air pockets that help moderate the temperature in extreme hot and cold conditions.
  • Repel Pests – Bugs and other pests do not like cedar because of the natural tannins in the wood. Cedar fencing also resists mildew to stay in top condition.
  • Picturesque Look – The knotty structure pleases the eye, whether you choose to get cedar fencing stained or not.

Contact us today to work with the trusted fencing provider in Central Illinois since 1897. We can provide you with a free estimate for your fencing needs.

Preserve the Environment with Cedar Fencing in Decatur IL

If you want an eco-friendly solution, then choose our western red cedar fencing in Decatur IL. Cedar naturally replenishes and biodegrades. Therefore, cedar trees naturally grow back after previous generations get harvested and break down after its useful life.

Plus, cedar wood exists as one of the rare materials completely consumed during the harvesting process. Each section of wood harvested becomes lumber, cedar shakes, shingles, pulp, paper, or is used to produce energy in the mills that create the wood products. Therefore, no material is wasted from harvesting cedar which makes it a good choice for the environment.

Commercial Fencing Products

Hohulin Fence provides the finest quality commercial products for businesses, including cedar fencing in Decatur IL. We ensure your company receives a safe, aesthetically-pleasing, and durable fence that will provide a great return on investment. No matter what you require, we can deliver a product to fit needs in the following areas:

Residential Fencing Products

When you want cedar fencing in Decatur IL, Hohulin Fence provides some of the best products on the market. Plus, we provide many alternative residential fencing solutions to meet your needs and budget. In fact, we sell and install the following other products:


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Hohulin Fence has served as the trusted local fencing solution throughout Central Illinois since 1897. Call us today at 309-965-2241 for beautiful cedar fencing in Decatur IL. Also, you can request a quote online if you prefer to send us an email. We are conveniently located at 116 South Harrison Street, Goodfield IL 61742.

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