Fence Installation Services Bloomington IL
Fence Installation Services Bloomington IL
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Where Can You Find the Best Fence Installation?

Don’t waste your time searching for half-rate fence installation services in Bloomington IL. When looking for the most experienced fence installation company, Hohulin Fence is the best around.

Hohulin Fence has been in the business for over 100 years. It started as the pipe dream of 3 brothers, and led to the Hohulin Brothers Fence Company, the leading name in fencing for all Central Illinois.

What you can expect from Hohulin Fence are quality products installed by trained experts. We strive to ensure every customer is satisfied with their new fence, be it for security, privacy or decoration. There is no project Hohulin Fence can’t handle, servicing commercial and residential properties alike.

What You Need to Know Before Installing a Fence

Before Hohulin Fence can help you install fencing for your property, you need to know what your needs are. By answering a few questions, Hohulin Fence can turn your dream fence into a reality.

  • What Is Its Purpose?
    • We offer a number of products for every fencing wish. If concerned about privacy, high timber or vinyl fencing can do the trick. Security fencing can be metal or chain link. If needing to keep animals safe, consider electrical fencing.
  • Can It Be Installed?
    • Based on city ordinances, there may be restrictions on the fencing you want. In Bloomington, homes can have 4 feet in the front yard and 6 feet on all other sides. Businesses can have 8-foot fencing around the entire property.
  • Who’s It For?
    • Who will be seeing or using this fence as well? Ask your neighbors before installing a fence to get their input, as you will be sharing it. For commercial properties, consider what may be inviting, or if that’s something worth thinking about.

The Fencing Services We Offer

Once decided on the perfect fence for your home or business, allow Hohulin Fence to provide fencing installation services in Bloomington IL. Of the projects we can install for, Hohulin Fence does:

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Hohulin Fence is a proud LEED-certified business, meaning we use recyclable products whenever possible. All our steel fencing products are made with 100 percent recyclable material.

Contact Us for Fence Installation Services in Bloomington IL

Find the best fencing installation services Bloomington IL has to offer with Hohulin Fence. Learn more about the fences and other products we sell by calling us at 309-965-2241. Find Hohulin Fence at 116 South Harrison Street, Goodfield, IL, 61742.

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